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Procore Manpower Log Automated in Daily Log

At Nyfty, we’re committed to simplifying and automating construction management processes. One of the many ways we do this is by automating Procore’s Manpower Log via text / SMS messages. We offer three distinct options to cater to your different needs and preferences.

Whether you're looking for a simple solution or advanced hardware integration, Nyfty has got you covered. We've got Manpower-Bot that Foremen reply to by SMS. We've got smart-access control hardware and, somewhere in the middle of these two alternatives, we have an option where Foremen can simply check-off which of their crew are on site each day.

Plus, If you use Procore’s Daily Construction Report instead, we can take care of that for you too.

Let's take a closer look:

Manpower Log automated in Procore Daily Log

Procore Manpower Log Automated in Daily Log
Manpower Log automated in Procore Daily Log

Option 1: The Manpower Bot

The Manpower Bot is the simplest and most straightforward solution to Automate the Manpower Log in Procore's Daily Log. Nyfty sends a text message to your Foremen, asking for their Manpower Log. They can respond in plain English or Spanish, and Nyfty processes the information to update Procore's Manpower Log. This bot also supports progress notes, pictures, even custom fields, making it a versatile tool for daily construction reporting.

Option 2: Virtual Attendance - QR Attendance Bot

This solution has to be the simplest, most practical and efficient way to manage your on-site labor. QR Attendance Bot is a must have for Foremen who need to easily and accurately check-in and check-out all their workers.

Foremen receive a link from Nyfty, allowing them to tick off the crew members present each day. This ensures that the Foreman is responsible for accurate attendance records plus it supports various features like progress notes, sign-in/sign-out sheets, evacuation roll-calls and many other configuration options.

Option 3: Smart Access Control - QR Attendance Bot + Nyfty Smart Access Control Hardware

If site access control is a priority, our Smart Access Control system is the perfect fit. Workers and visitors are allocated digital passes or NFC hard hat stickers and use these to scan in and out at our super-fast and durable hardware.

This system offers all the features of the QR Attendance Bot, with the added benefit physical scanning and managing turnstiles, gates, red / green lights etc.

It’s a robust solution for all project whether needing a simple and fast scanning option all the way through to stringent access requirements.

Seamless Integration with Procore’s Daily Log

All data collected by Nyfty’s solutions is written to Procore in real-time. Whether it’s the Manpower Log or the more detailed Daily Construction Report, Nyfty ensures your records are always up-to-date.

For those using the Attendance Bot, Nyfty can also list every worker on-site as a note in the Daily Log.

Beyond Manpower Logging: Integrate with Other Nyfty Bots

Our solutions don’t stop at manpower logging. They integrate seamlessly with other Nyfty bots to automate processes like safety orientations, pre-task plans, and toolbox talks.

These integrations are deeply connected to Procore’s forms, inspections, documents and daily log tools, creating a comprehensive automation ecosystem for your construction projects.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Project

With these three Daily Log automation options to choose from, Nyfty offers a solution for every project in your portfolio.

We’re also ready to customize our tools to meet any special access requirements you might have.

Embrace the future of construction management with Nyfty and see how our innovative solutions can transform your daily operations.

Contact us today to learn more about how Nyfty can streamline your manpower logging and more!


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