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Toolbox Talk Bot for Procore

An A.I. that makes sure every worker gets a Toolbox Talk each week, and saves the evidence in Procore.

Still getting bogged down making sure Toolbox Talks get done and saved to Procore on your construction site?

Let Nyfty do that for you

Free Account with no time limit

Now you can let Nyfty make sure Toolbox Talks are done every week and that every worker is included in one. Nyfty diligently chases crews, with just a few text messages, to complete their safety processes and records them in Procore.

Everyone gets a Toolbox Talk, every week, and saved in Procore.

Manages Entire Process

Nyfty manages the entire Toolbox Talk process, making sure everybody onsite gets one each week, and doing the admin in Procore.

Deeply Integrated to Procore

Fully integrated to Procore Forms or Inspections, the Bot writes the Toolbox records in Procore and adds a note to Procore’s Daily Log.

Actively Monitors Compliance

Nyfty actively monitors for compliance and will contact Foremen if any crew have not had their Toolbox Talk.

For Workers & Foremen

Just tick to select participants.
Toolbox Talks couldn’t be easier. The Foreman gets a text message, clicks a link to access the Toolbox Talk, then clicks again to select the participants that Nyfty has magically put there. Finally one last click for the signoff sheet and Nyfty takes care of the rest, even saving it to Procore.


For GC’s Superintendents

Nyfty does the work so you can get on with your job.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody take care of checking if every worker has had their Toolbox Talk? Somebody to make sure they are completed each week and then save them to Procore? Nyfty manages the entire process, from sharing the material (or collecting the trade partner's material), collecting signoff sheets, and monitoring for any workers who missed out.

For Safety Managers

Everybody gets their Toolbox Talk, every record saved in Procore.
You can rest assured that every worker gets their Toolbox Talk and that every record is instantly stored in Procore. Nyfty will even directly remind Foreman or Superintendents if any of their crew aren’t included in a JHA. Just sit back and relax, Nyfty’s got this :-)


Everyone gets a Toolbox Talk, every week, and saved in Procore.


Free Account with no time limit

Toolbox Talk Bot for Procore

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