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Smart Access Control

Nyfty Smart Access Controller - Website Hero Image.png




We make robot assistants that automate your construction site using SMS, QR Codes and Digital Passes
#NoApps #NoSurveillance #NoHassles

"Amazing, so fast, so simple, so many workers have said how good it is!! Truly awesome"

Amanda Finnerty / Commodore Builders / Director of Internal Operations

Removes the pain from Access Control

Nyfty manages issuing badges, not the site team. Supports offsite pre-registration, or register on site.

Works Standalone or with Turnstiles

Supports multiple use cases including Security, Headcount Accuracy, Multi-Projects in a single location

Apple & Google Wallet Access Pass

Nyfty issues Boarding Pass style virtual badges, via text messages. 

Smart NFC Stickers

NFC stickers that can be stuck to Hard Hat, or anywhere, for workers with no phone.

Use with Attendance Bot

Nyfty Smart Access Control Hardware works seamlessly with our Attendance Bot

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