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Select a plan based on the number of people you will have interacting with Nyfty, i.e. how many people will be submitting forms / replying to messages. This is counted on a per day basis, so only the people using Nyfty on a particular day count.

The plans are otherwise unlimited:

  • Unlimited Messages

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Bots

  • Unlimited Teams

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Unlimited Forms / Inspections

  • Unlimited integration to Procore

  • Unlimited Exports

Plans shown are annual contracts, monthly plans are also available.

Plan 1
$84 USD
per month / billed annually

15people a day
5can be Foremen / Supers

Plan 4
$840 USD
per month / billed annually

180 people a day
60 can be Foremen / Supers

Plan 2
$210 USD
per month / billed annually

40 people a day
15 can be Foremen / Supers

Plan 5
$1,344 USD
per month / billed annually

300 people a day
100 can be Foremen / Supers

Plan 3
$420 USD
per month / billed annually

85 people a day
30 can be Foremen / Supers

Plan 6
$2,100 USD
per month / billed annually

500 people a day
150 can be Foremen / Supers

To subscribe, setup your free account then go to Billing to choose your plan, i.e. start free account and then signup :-)


We don't have a sales team so you will not be inundated with high pressure sales calls, or any sales calls for that matter. Our growth comes from word of mouth and a great product.

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