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Our Bots for Procore

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Attendance Bot for Procore

An A.I. that takes the hassle out of Construction Site Access & Evacuation

Do you really have time to waste issuing badges, managing kiosks or persuading people to use GPS tracking apps on your Procore project?

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Manpower Bot for Procore

An A.I. that chases people for Procore Manpower Logs over text message (SMS)

Still getting held up at the end of each day chasing Foremen to submit their Manpower Logs so you can close out your Daily Report? Wouldn’t you prefer to head home to the kids?

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JHA-PTP Bot for Procore

An A.I. that makes sure every worker is covered by a JHA / Pre-Task Safety Plan

Tired of chasing Foreman and Crew Leads to submit their JHAs / Pre-Task Safety Plans on your construction site, despite giving them the technology to make it easy?

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Forms-Inspections Bot for Procore

An A.I. that gets Forms and Inspections completed ontime, with SMS and secure links.

Tired of chasing Foreman and Crew Leads for daily Forms and Inspections on your construction site, even though you gave them Procore access?

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QR-Forms-Inspections Bot for Procore

Scan a QR Code for instant access to Forms and Inspections in Procore, using SMS and secure links.

Do you really have time to set up Procore accounts just so workers can access Hot Works Permits on your construction site?

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Orientation Bot for Procore

An A.I. that manages Safety Orientations for everybody on your job site

Got yet another Orientation to give instead of that stack of work piling up on your $25M job just because some wise-guy didn’t show up for the 7am session?

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QR-Hazard-Injury Bot for Procore

An A.I. for anonymous Hazard reporting in Procore, that relays follow up chat.

Anonymous reporting increases Hazard identification, but most aren’t actionable due to lack of detail. Just asking a few follow up questions solves that.

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