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QR Code for Attendance and Triggering Bots in Procore

An A.I. that takes the hassle out of Construction Site Access & Evacuation

Do you really have time to waste issuing badges, managing kiosks or persuading people to use GPS tracking apps on your Procore project?

Get the A.I. working for you

Free account with no time limit

Now you can have an A.I. manage construction site access instead of you. Attendance Bot manages worker and visitor attendance with QR Codes, text messages and secure links. It also drives our Smart Access Control hardware for managing turnstiles. Attendance Bot puts the onus on trade partners to manage their crews and, in return, provides them data for their own reporting. Its our hub for automating safety and operations processes, and is packed with features including Manpower logging and automated evacuation roll-call.

Accurate and hassle free Site Registers and Daily Logs done for you, in Procore.

Integrated to Procore

Fully integrated to Procore, everything is done in their system, even Daily Logs.

Full featured yet simple

Super simple to set up, use and maintain yet packed with features like Spanish and English language.

Automation hub for safety

Can automate all other safety requirements such as orientations, JHA’s, tool box talks etc.

For Workers and Visitors

Gets your peeps checked in quickly and easily.
When arriving on site, workers and visitors simply send Attendance Bot a text or scan a QR code. AB then kicks off a simple text conversation, in ENGLISH or SPANISH, asking the questions you want answered. Once AB has worker details it checks in with them daily, via text, to verify if they are on site. There’s no GPS tracking so privacy is maintained.


Trade Partner’s Foremen

Unique tools and benefits for Foremen.
As a Foreman, not only does Attendance Bot allow you to easily manage site access, it provides you with your own tools and benefits. The “Partner Self Management” feature gives you personalized control to manage your crew data. It can even check in workers who don’t use their own phone for work. Then, you can export your checked daily data for your own company’s reporting.

GC’s Superintendents

Automates Daily Logs and safety documents in Procore and manages Site Evacuations.
If you are a GC who doesn’t need physical security access but wants to automate site registration, Daily Logs and safety documentation like orientations, JHAs, Toolbox Talks and Inspections Attendance Bot is ideal for you. Plus, with Evacuation Mode, Nyfty automatically manages muster point roll-call ready for emergency services.


Accurate and hassle free Site Registers and Daily Logs done for you, in Procore.


Free account with no time limit

QR Code for Attendance and Triggering Bots in Procore

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