Orientation Bot 

For Procore

Nyfty Bot  Orientation Automation.png

Let Nyfty conduct Site Orientations for workers and visitors on your Jobsite. It can send and monitor Video Orientations and / or conduct Orientation Quizzes. It can be triggered by the main Attendance Bot for the site, or by a separate Attendance Bot that initiates Orientations.




Orientation Bot can be triggered by your site's main Attendance Bot (i.e. next time somebody checks in), or by a separate Attendance Bot created just for initiating Orientations (i.e. a QR Code people scan to start the process).



Nyfty sends a text message with a link to start the Orientation, which can be a quiz/test or can include a video followed by a quiz (an Inspection Template in Procore). Nyfty monitors to ensure the video is at least 90% completed (excluding fast forwarding) before initiating the Orientation Quiz.



Nyfty analyzes the results and provides a digital certificate for passes, and warns the safety team if answered incorrectly. It saves the result in Procore's inspection tool and provides Live Updates in the Daily Log.