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QR Code for Hazard and Near Miss reporting in Procore

An A.I. for anonymous Hazard reporting in Procore, that relays follow up chat.

Anonymous reporting increases Hazard identification, but most aren’t actionable due to lack of detail. Just asking a few follow up questions solves that.

Get Hazards reported anonymously, and clarify via Nyfty

Free Account with no time limit

Now you can radically increase Hazard reporting by making it anonymous, and make them actionable with a few follow up questions.

Improved quantity and quality of hazard reporting in Procore.

Increase Hazard Reporting

Making hazard reporting dramatically increases the number of Hazards identified, keeping your site safe.

Improve quality of reports

Maintain anonymity whilst making hazard reports actionable by asking follow up questions.

Deeply Integrated to Procore

Fully integrated with Procore Incidents tool, the Bot writes the Hazard in Procore and adds a note to Procore’s Daily Log.

For Workers & Foremen

Just scan or text to access Report Hazards
It couldn’t be easier, scan a QR code or send a text to Nyfty, who will ask if you want to log an Injury or Hazard, you then simply tell Nyfty what you’ve seen. No apps, no passwords, and no setup time. Nyfty makes it super simple.


For GC’s Superintendents

Improve safety by encouraging anonymous Hazard Reporting.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to improve safety on your site through increased Hazard Reporting. Studies show people report more hazards when they can do so anonymously. Nyfty levels up by allowing you to ask follow up questions, whilst maintaining anonymity, and records the whole thing in Procore.

For Safety Managers

Instant Non-Conformance notifications.
You can be instantly notified when somebody submits a non-conforming Inspection. Nyfty evaluates the Inspection looking for non-conformances, and will send you a text message with a copy of the inspection. You can also have Nyfty send a custom message to the submitter. Nyfty’s got your back.


Improved quantity and quality of hazard reporting in Procore.


Free Account with no time limit

QR Code for Hazard and Near Miss reporting in Procore

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