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Nyfty For Subs: Text your Dailies directly to your Procore Daily Log (SMS to Daily Log)

Daily Log Bot & Attendance Bot Multi-Site are powering up your Procore reporting

Manpower Bot has been kicking goals on site, making sure that the Sub's Foremen complete their Daily Logs for GC's, but what about their own reporting? We figured it was time to create something for the Subs and Self Perform please welcome 'Son of Manpower Bot' - Daily Log Bot (DLB). DLB goes in to super-kick-ass mode when teamed up with Nyfty's Attendance Bot Multi Site (ABMS), giving you quite the dynamic duo.

Daily Log Bot - Fuss free writing & round-up of your Dailies

Daily Log Bot was created for Sub-Contrators and Self Perform Teams who were after a Bot that would make sure their Foremen were completing their 'Dailies' every day. We wanted to make sure this Bot benefited both the company and Foremen. So, for the company, DLB provides the reassurance that Manpower Logs, Notes and any Delays are logged everyday, and for Foremen, DLB is a super-friendly helper that allows them to keep on top of their site admin, by simply sending or replying to a text. Everybody wins.

Ideally, Daily Log Bot is used throughout the day. Foremen just text a note, delay or manpower log which is then automatically written to their Procore Daily Log. There's a bit more about this in the Big Bot Benefits section.

At the end of the day, DLB checks Procore to see if the Foreman has logged their Dailies, either through Nyfty or directly in Procore. If there's nothing there, the Bot sends a text asking them to complete their reports by simply replying to that text.

Daily Log Bot can currently be used to update Manpower Logs, Notes and Delays in Procore and we are busily working on more options. If you want something added to the list, please just let us know. Oh, and even though we say it was built for Subs, Supers are welcome to use DLM to text to their daily log.

Attendance Bot Multi-Site - Know who is where, when

We've now got two different types of Attendance Bot:

  • Attendance Bot (for GCs) - fixed to a single project.

  • Attendance Bot Multi Site (for Subs & Self Perform) - works across multiple projects.

When we created Daily Log Bot, we realised we needed to figure out which project a Foreman is working on before we could log their Dailies.

So, we built Attendance Bot Multi Site. ABMS can be used across multiple projects and simply asks which project a person is working on. It can be used in Auto Mode for your Foremen, to help them do their dailies, or you can print a QR code for each job site and all staff and visitors can scan this to check in to that job (with the data being written to Procore's Daily Log).

In Auto Mode, ABMS will send a text each morning asking "Are you working today?". Foremen or staff members can text back the project name or just say "Yes" and the Bot will clarify which project by providing a list of projects they can sign in to. At the end of the day, the Bot will check what time they are finishing and sign them out. Any data collected by Attendance Bot is written to Procore's Daily Construction Report, Visitors Log and the Notes sections of the Daily Log.

Also, Attendance Bot gives Foremen access to the Manage Crew option which allows them to check in their whole crew, even those that don't have phones.

DLB + ABMS = Big Bot Benefits

If you use Attendance Bot Multi Site, this can automatically trigger Daily Log Bot, meaning your Procore daily reporting process is fully automated from check-in.

When a Foreman checks in, Daily Log Bot is triggered for the particular project they are working on. Once the Bots know the Foreman is on-site, they send them a text from a new number, which the Foreman can reply to, in English or Spanish, using natural language. The Foreman can text any information for their daily logs to this number, at any time during the day. The Bot reads, and understands, what has been sent and then saves it to Procore. When anything is logged, the sender will be sent a link which they can click on to check their info and edit if necessary. The Daily Log in Procore will be updated when this is saved.

Attendance Bot and time-sheets

At present, Nyfty Attendance Bots currently write data to the Daily Construction report, for each project, in Procore. Currently, for many users, the primary reason for using these Bots is to trigger the Daily Log Bot, but we think that writing the Attendance data for your staff directly to your time sheet system would be awesome, so we're looking fore people to collaborate with to make this happen. Please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss using

How do I get started?

Easy peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and check out Attendance Bot Multi Site and Daily Log Bot. They are free and really easy to get up and running. If you do need a hand though, just give us a shout.

Sound good?

Well here’s more good, all of our Nyfty Bots are super easy to set up, use and maintain. Our users love them. They are the Little Robot Helpers that can make a huge difference to your day. You can use any of our Bots on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls, have a play here.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.

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