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Broadcast Bot Templates: Streamlining Site Communication

Effective communication is key in construction. That's why we're thrilled about our new enhancement: Broadcast Bot Templates. This addition transforms how we talk on site by letting us send text messages quickly and easily on job sites.

Quick Messages with Custom Templates

Broadcast Bot lets you send out anything from weather alerts to fun announcements like the ice cream truck's arrival (which is a real message sent via Broadcast Bot) . Set up your message templates in advance and send them out in seconds.

Smart Integration with Attendance Bot

Broadcast Bot works seamlessly with Attendance Bot, ensuring messages only go to those on-site. This means no extra setup and ensures everyone relevant gets the info they need.

Logging with Procore’s Daily Log

Every message sent is logged in Procore’s Daily Log, keeping records straight and ensuring compliance.

Why Broadcast Bot?

Broadcast Bot is a beautifully simple tool for construction communication, offering efficiency, precision, and ease. It ensures the right people get the right messages at the right time, all while keeping an accurate log. Welcome to the future of construction communication.


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