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Jobsite compliance - Now even more organized with Nyfty My Tasks

Updated: Jun 17

It's not just the Nyfty Bots that are here to help you run a super-slick work site, it's the peeps behind the scenes. Welcome to yet another Nyfty enhancement that ensures your site processes run smoothly and efficiently. Every. Single. Day.

My Tasks emails for iPads & Android tablets - It's a hub thing!

We had a bunch of requests asking if we could by-pass Nyfty's text messaging and allow your trade partners' Foremen to use their iPads, Android tablets or computers to access a "central hub" where all their tasks, from all their Bots are all in the one place.

Of course, we rallied the Bots, did some behind the scenes stuff and here we are - daily tasks, weekly tasks, crew check-ins, pre-task plans, toolboxes, and any other processes you've set up in Nyfty - all there, in the one place. Plus you can manage your Bots and access your Live Update screen.

What is this wonderous repository we hear you ask? It's My Tasks!

Step one - Opting in to the emails 

Foremen can opt in to the daily email option from their Crew Portal on existing projects, or select the email option when enrolling to new projects.

You can also opt-in Supers and Foremen from the Worker Registry and Live Update Screen in your Attendance Bot or QR Enrolment + Trigger Bot.

Access My Tasks anywhere, anytime

My Tasks is available from the start screen of any Nyfty link and from the daily email, if you've opted in, BUT there's no need to wait for the email or SMS! Users can log in to at any time, from any device, to view and manage their tasks.


Here you'll find all your current tasks plus users can initiate ad-hoc processes, like requesting hot work permits or roof access permits using our QR Forms / Inspections Bots.

Plus there's Live Updates for Supers

Great news for GC’s Superintendents: we've added Live Update screens to My Tasks. These provide a real-time overview of all your Bots in one place, giving you complete control from your tablet or phone while you're on the go.

My Tasks - It's top-shelf site organization

We love this new functionality and we hope you do to.

Our Bots just want to help you get things done so if you're not already automating your jobsite compliance with Nyfty, maybe giving the Bots a try should be at the top of your task list!

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