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Inclusion & Diversity Reporting in Procore

Updated: Mar 15

So this is where I confess that I had no idea how important workforce diversity reporting was until I started collaborating with one of our most recent customers in Boston. They came to us wanting to migrate from their Google Forms + QR Code COVID Prescreening solution to our Attendance & Health Survey Bots, but happened to mention their need to report Inclusion and Diversity. They even showed us the hidden fields that could be enabled in Procore's Construction Report.

We figured we could automate the Daily Construction Report, including Diversity and Inclusion data, at virtually no additional cost.

Difficulty capturing such granular data

It turns out this is a massive topic for most GCs, but this forward thinking GC had made it a standard offering to their customers, embracing inclusion and diversity as a true core value. The problem they had, however, is that it's very hard to capture such granular data without adding a burden to their field teams. This is where we figured we could help and set about adding functionality to our Attendance Bot to capture the information, and most importantly, integrating it to Procore's Construction Report.

Attendance Bot one time diversity questions

We added additional config options in Attendance Bot for capturing workforce data, matching the configurable fields in Procore such as Veteran, Local Resident, Minority, Female etc. Once enabled, the next time a worker checks in Nyfty with ask the addition questions, and store that data for inclusion in all future data written to Procore, which is aggregated to protect privacy.

Integration to Procore's Construction Report

Whilst we were enabling this data to be captured, it seemed crazy not to add support for Procore's Construction Report worker types (i.e. Foreman, Journeyman, Apprentice etc), so that's what we did. You can now enable full automation of Procore's Daily Construction Report, including diversity data using our QR Code and SMS based Attendance Bot.

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