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Foremen can now check-in their crew with Attendance Bot for Procore

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

*** Recent Crew Update - 29 June 2021 ***

Now, when you check a worker in using the Crew Check-in option, they are added to a list which can be used for future check-ins, and the whole thing is managed automatically.

Also, following customer requests, Foremen and Supers can now be checked in via Crew Check-ins but all Nyfty Bots will then treat them as a crew worker. For example, Manpower Bot will not request their Daily Construction Logs.

Crew Check-in feature now in Attendance Bot

Foremen can now check in their entire crew using their own phone. Once the Foreman is checked in, there is the option to add other workers.

This is great news if workers don't want to use their own phones, if they aren't permitted to use them or if they have just left them at home.

It's also the most cost effective way to get great quality data, on every single worker, without expecting every worker to check themselves in.

What's it like to use?

Like all Nyfty check-ins, checking in your crew is super easy. Just start by scanning the QR code or texting to the number on site and Nyfty will text back, guiding you through your own check-in. Then, once you are in, you can check in your peeps by clicking the link provided or by scanning the QR code again. You don't have to do this for each worker, you can check-in a bunch of people at the same time. Nyfty then stores a list of recent crew ready for subsequent check-ins, making it super fast to select your crew. Simples, plus all your data is logged in Procore.

What about linked bots like Health Survey and Orientation?

Glad you asked.

Like a normal check-in, Crew Check-in works with any Bots that are linked to Attendance Bot. So if you are using Orientation and Health Survey Bots, for example, these can both be managed through the Foreman's phone.

Most Bots will require one submission for your entire crew, like Health Surveys. You can do one for your whole crew and this will be grouped in to one Procore Inspection. However, orientations are a bit different. For example, the crew watches a video together as a group but then they must do their quizzes individually.

Sounds good, can you show me?

Sure can.

First up, the Foreman checks-in with the usual Nyfty Attendance Bot process. They scan a QR code or text Start to a phone number and the Bot kicks off a simple text conversation asking for the info it needs and remembering it for future check-ins. If you have any Inclusion and Diversity questions that need to be asked, Nyfty will ask them for you at check-in. There's no app to download, no account to create and no passwords to remember, the Bot leads the way.

Once Nyfty’s Attendance Bot has done its bit, it can then trigger Orientation Bot and Health Survey Bot to initiate your, you guessed it, orientation and health survey.

Now your Foreman is all checked in, healthy and orientated, they can add their crew, picking from a list of existing team members or adding new details. When they are added, Nyfty will text the Foreman links requesting the group completes their daily health survey and their orientation, if it's the first time they are on site.

New RECENT CREW Feature: When the Foreman comes back to check-in next time they will see a list and can select recent workers to be checked-in.

When it comes to the health surveys, the questions apply to all the people that were checked in at the same time, you don't have to do a health survey for each individual. The foreman gets a text saying a survey looks good or, if any of the team has COVID symptoms, the message warns not to proceed to site.

If using Orientation Bot, each person who is checked in for the first time needs to do their own Orientation quiz. The team can watch a live orientation or video on the Foreman's phone together, then the Foreman can do the quiz with each individual or send a link to another device. Completed, failed and incomplete orientations can be seen on the orientation management screen by clicking the link in the text sent to the Foreman re. orientations.

At the end of the day, the Foreman can check themselves and crew members out.

Can you show me how to enable it on my Attendance Bot?

Oh yes.

If you are already using Attendance Bot, just go to the configuration of you bot and enable "Crew Check-in'. If you haven't used Attendance Bot before, the Crew Check-ins will automatically be enabled.

Sound good?

Well here’s more good, like all of our Nyfty Bots, Attendance, Health Survey and Orientation Bot are super easy to set up, use and maintain and our users love them. If you are struggling with crew check-ins, give Nyfty a go. You can see it in action here or log in and have a play here. You can use our Bots on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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