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A chat with Commodore Builders about choosing Nyfty for a post COVID world.

Updated: Mar 15

We are very excited to announce that Commodore Builders have just signed an Enterprise Agreement to use Nyfty across all of their projects - woo hoo.

How Nyfty fits in a post COVID World

I opened my Chat Emporium and sat down with Matt Edwards, Nyfty Co-Founder and CEO, Amanda Finnerty, Commodore’s Director of Internal Operations and Chuck Borstel, Commodore’s Vice President of Safety and Regulatory Compliance. I wanted to see why Nyfty was such a great fit for Commodore during COVID and how they're using Nyfty for so much more, well into a post-COVID world.

Trying to translate Amanda and Chuck’s enthusiasm into words just wasn’t working, it was like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, so I just thought I would show you what went on in our chat in a series of short videos. If you aren't sold on giving Nyfty a try yet, these two might just be able to sway you.

Video One:

From Google Forms data swamp to 100% compliance

Amanda talks about how Commodore, a leader in COVID protocols, started using Attendance and Health Survey Bots for check-ins and health screenings and ended up with 100% compliance in Procore. I could tell you more, but I promise you, it's not nearly as exciting as listening to Amanda tell the story!

Video Two:

Procore Daily Construction Log with Inclusion & Diversity data

Amanda and Chuck give us a great example of how the information they collect at check-in has been tailored for Commodore's specific requirements, and why the industry should embrace check-ins beyond COVID.

Commodore management had internal and Government mandated goals and reporting requirements for Inclusion and Diversity but pre-Nyfty, they didn’t have a way to ask the required questions. Amanda asked Matt if these questions could be added to the check-in process for inclusion in their Procore Daily Construction Log. Matt's a nice guy, he said yes. The functionality was super-speedily added, tested out on 10 projects and is now being rolled out company wide. This will result in Amanda having to leave the house but you will have to tune in to ep 4 to hear about that!

You may have different requirements such as reporting on the skill levels of the workforce being provided, are enough appropriately qualified? Or you could track company goals such a Veteran employment. Nyfty provides a great way to track your baseline and see how you are improving and we can help get you up and running. As Amanda says about Nyfty, "They listen to our needs and they’re responsive."

Video 3:

Safety automation after COVID (Orientations, Attendance and JHAs)

Chuck and Amanda tell us how Commodore will never relinquish their check-ins and how the easy to use Attendance, Orientation, Inspection and Broadcast Bots are helping Commodore evolve their safety and emergency management world.

Nyfty Bots are easy to use and engage with, increase accountability and are helping Commodore get to the result they have been looking for.

Video 4:

Nyfty fills the data gaps in Procore Analytics

Nyfty increased Commodore's compliance and provides great data for Procore Analytics, across all of their projects; "We can see on a graphic where we got Nyfty Bot."

Amanda and Chuck talk about how this has made life easier, increasing accountability and how they are heading out on the road to roll-out Nyfty on over 30 projects. Yep, this is the one where Amanda talks about leaving the house!

Video 5:

Enterprise deployment ready for the post COVID world

Commodore is super progressive but how did Amanda get management to consider Nyfty for a post COVID world? She tells us how she and Chuck were asked to come up with a significant reason for buying Nyfty and they came up with six!

Then I get busted for being the least chatty in my own Chat Emporium and we bid our fond farewells.

Amanda and Chuck, we hope the tour is going well. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us and a billion thanks for using and embracing Nyfty. You guys are the best!


Commodore Builders have deployed Bots across their project portfolio. There standard setup includes:

See Commodore's bots in action here:

Who are Commodore Builders?

In their own words; “Commodore is a mid-size construction management firm based in Boston. We’re agile, we’re growing and we’re fiercely focused on the needs of our clients. Some call this an obsession. We call it business as usual. Our executives are actively involved in every project. They’re in the field hands-on, leading teams, listening to clients, driving strategy and delivering on our mission.”

“Construction is a people business and it’s our people who make Commodore unique. The way we think. The way we work together. Each project we undertake is delivered with the same unwavering commitment to technical skill and human concern.

Commodore. We work harder. We care more. We love what we do.”

In Nyfty’s words, they are bloody great people to work with!


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