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Manpower Bot

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Success Story

Zehr automate Manpower using SMS Bot

Zehr is a full-service development and construction company based in Kitchener, ON
They work with forward-thinking clients and partners, which is what brought them to use

After hearing about ‘Little Robot Helpers’ on a ConTech podcast, Zehr wanted to know more. Katy Robinson, Project Coordinator explains:
“The timing was perfect, we had just asked our Subs to log Daily Reports using collaborator access when we heard they could just reply to an SMS instead. The Subs immediately bought in, and we haven’t looked back since”

Not having to chase people for their Manpower Logs was a big improvement for Zehr’s team, but not having to manage ‘yet another app’ was huge for their Subs. Almost instantly they had 100% response rate. Some Foremen even had a little fun with Nyfty by being as verbose as possible, to see if Nyfty understood. It did, and now often gets referred to by Subs as “my little robot friend”.

On introducing another technology, Katy says “A lot of field staff find technology to be a steep learning curve, Nyfty provides them with the gateway of starting with something familiar, SMS, and having it guide them towards app usage in the field” has been approved for use on all large-scale Zehr projects and is fast becoming an integral part of their forward looking team.

To learn More about Zehr:

Nyfty does the Manpower Log for you

Procorer Manpower Log completed by Nyfty, Inc is an official Procore Partner

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