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Site Registration

QR Code & SMS based attendance register & contact management assistant



Video & SMS based site orientation assistant. Monitors analyzes and escalates to a human

Procore Automation

Automated A.I. for Manpower, Inclusion & Diversity, Daily Report, Inspections, Hazards, Reminders and Directory.

COVID Prescreening

SMS & Web based COVID health screening assistant. Instantly analyzes and escalates issues to a human

Site Communication

SMS / Text Message based instant broadcast assistant. Intelligent communication recorded in Procore.


Nyfty Bots for Procore Construction Projects:

Attendance Bot for Procore

Let Attendance Bot mange site registration. Workers and visitors initially check-in by SMS / QR Code, then Nyfty takes over verifying who is onsite each day by text message. It links to Health Survey Bot to conduct COVID-19 Wellness Checks, can capture contacts, time, manpower, vaccination and diversity data. All of which can be logged in Procore. (+Non Procore version)


Orientation Bot for Procore

Let Orientation Bot conduct Site Orientations for workers and visitors on your Jobsite. It can send and monitor Video Orientations and / or conduct Orientation Quizzes. It can be triggered by the main Attendance Bot for the site, or by a separate Attendance Bot for initiating Orientations 

Health Survey Bot for Procore

Let Health Survey Bot conduct COVID-19 Wellness Checks on your construction site. It conducts the surveys via SMS, escalates any issues to you and can save each Survey as an Inspection in Procore. Get responses from Foreman or everybody onsite linking to Attendance Bot. (+Non Procore version available) 

Broadcast Bot for Procore

Broadcast Bot relays your Site Announcements, logs them as a Note in Procore's Daily Log, and manages the responses. It's like group chat, but without the all the noise! By linking to Attendance Bot you can intelligently message groups like 'every Foreman this week'.


Manpower Bot for Procore

Let Manpower Bot complete your Manpower Logs in Procore. It contacts sub-contractors or staff via SMS to get logs from them, ready for Approval in Procore. It understands natural language, so it's a simple as replying to a text message.


Hazard & Injury Bot for Procore

Encourage workers to report Hazards anonymously (unsafe act, condition or near miss), and report Injuries (not anonymously). Nyfty captures the report via QR Code / SMS, creates an Incident in Procore, notifies you, and allows you to follow up with the them for up-to 72 Hours.


Let Daily Inspections Bot get your Inspection completed on your site. It sends an SMS, linking to the Inspection which can be completed over SMS or via Web Form. It escalates any issues to you and saves each record as an Inspection in Procore. Triggered by a Schedule or Attendance Bot.  

JHA Bot for Procore

Let JHA Bot get your Job Hazard Analyses completed on your site. It sends an SMS, linking to the JHA which can be completed via Web Form. It escalates any issues to you and saves each record as an Inspection in Procore. Triggered by a Schedule or Attendance Bot.  

Directory Bot for Procore

Onboard new users to Procore Directory via QR Code. Ensure everybody is working from the same data by making it easy to request access to Procore. Workers are added the project directory ready for you to send the invite.


Reminders Bot for Procore Forms

Let Reminders Bot ensure Forms & Inspections are completed on time. It chases overdue forms & inspections via text message, escalates any issues to you, and logs its conversations in Procore. It remembers to chase people, even when you're too busy. 

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We don't have a sales team so you will not be inundated with high pressure sales calls, or any sales calls for that matter. Our growth comes from word of mouth and a great product.





The bots can be triggered by QR code, text message, by a schedule or by another Nyfty Bot.



The bots then initiate conversations with your subcontractors or staff over text message to carryout your task.



The bots then complete task by saving the data to your chosen system and escalating any issues to you.



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  • Unlimited access to Bots

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Bots pause when you run out of messages and renews at the start of each month. 

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Everything in Individual, plus:

  • Unlimited team members

  • Email and video call support

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*Instead of pausing Bots when plan messages run out, an overage rate of $0.125 per msg is applied.

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  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • SLA

Flexible deployment, pricing and support options.

You can save 16% with an annual contract.

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We don't have a sales team so you will not be inundated with high pressure sales calls, or any sales calls for that matter. Our growth comes from word of mouth and a great product.

Let Nyfty Bot take care of the little stuff, while you take care of the big stuff.

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