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The Robots have arrived!

Updated: Mar 15

We just launched our first Automation for Procore, which is now available to all (you can request access within the app), it's in the App Store or Google Play right now. Manpower Automation

Users of our Free Voice Assistant for Procore told us collecting manpower logs from their Vendors was a pain, even if they had given access to Procore. As can already speak to humans and to Procore, we thought we should automate the process using SMS (text message). The amazing thing being that can handle pretty much any response, and will engage in conversation to get the data you need. Here's an example of a typical conversation: Manpower Automation SMS Chat

Furthermore, with every conversations it has and with every 'unexpected' responses it gets, the more it learns.

We've tried to make it super simple to setup and operate - accessing your Procore Directory where possible, letting you know when everything is ready to Approve and then writing the data to your Procore Account. These images should show how simple it is:

If you're curious and have a Procore Account simply download from here:

You can use our Free Voice Assistant for Procore's Daily Log, and try out the Automations.

In the meantime, check out a couple of demo here:


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