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Realtime safety monitoring and intervention with Procore for Pre-Task Plans and JHAs

Updated: Mar 15

A revolution in realtime safety management

Nyfty + Procore take realtime safety management to a completely new level

If we asked you at any time of the day if all the workers on your job site are covered by a JHA/PTP, would you give us a shaky yes? A strong maybe? Tell us to check back later when you've had a chance to review and audit your daily data? What if we told you, with Nyfty's new JHA-PTP Bot Active Monitoring feature, you could give us a resounding yes and prove it to us in realtime?

By monitoring the JHA/PTP process in realtime, ensuring every worker is covered, and knows the safety plan, you will massively reduce the risk of serious injury, or worse, on your projects. Plus, when you can guarantee your most important safety process is complied with everyday, there are potentially huge savings to be made on insurance.

A new gold standard in safety processes

We've just shipped a new truly transformative feature that actively monitors JHAs/Pre Task Plans in Procore, taking realtime safety management to a completely new level. Now, not only will Nyfty's JHA/PTP Bot ensure JHAs and Pre-Task Plans are completed, but Active Monitoring goes a step further and ensures every worker is covered by a plan, within 15 minutes of arriving on site, whenever they arrive onsite.

Why is this truly transformative? Up to now best practice has been to audit and review for compliance after the fact, and in reality, the data for who was onsite versus who was included in each seperate Pre-Task Plan is just not practical to monitor and audit. But now Nyfty's Bots not only allow realtime auditing but they even intervene to ensure the responsible Foreman or Superintendent updates their JHA/PTP to cover any workers that have not been included right there and then. Once updated, the Bot then sends the JHA/PTP to the worker so they know the plan.

Nyfty's Active Monitoring is creating a new gold standard in safety management on job sites. This new capability gives you a revolutionary tool which will only serve to enhance your existing processes, create super-compliant new processes and most importantly, keep your workers safe.

JHA-PTP Bot Active Monitor - How does it work?

When Nyfty's JHA-PTP Bot is linked to Attendance Bot, if it detects a worker is non-compliant and not included on a JHA/PTP, it will text your Foreman and ask them to update their existing JHA/PTP, or create a new one, to include that worker.

Then, once the worker is included, Nyfty texts them a link to the pre-task plan so they know exactly what to do.

It also provides Safety Managers with a live screen showing them the status of every worker on the job-site.

It's time for the Realtime Revolution

Our goal is to improve the outcomes of your existing / new safety processes by allowing you to see exactly what is going on on-site and rectify any issues there and then. We are sure you will love the ease and many benefits of realtime auditing and intervention so we're adding more of it to our Bots. We've started our gold standard journey with JHA/PTPs but stay tuned, Toolbox Talks are coming soon.

How do I get started?

Easy peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and check out JHA-PTP Bot. It's free and really easy to get up and running. If you do need a hand though, just give us a shout.

Sound good?

Well here’s more good, all of our Nyfty Bots are super easy to set up, use and maintain. Our users love them. They are the Little Robot Helpers that can make a huge difference to your day. You can use any of our Bots on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls, have a play here.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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