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Procore custom fields now supported by Nyfty Manpower Bot

Updated: Mar 15

Just like you're not supposed to have a favourite child, we try not to have favourite Bots but we do! Don't tell the other Bots but we are loving our little Manpower Bot at the mo. And it's not just us, one of our customers called Manpower Bot his best friend on the job site. And, if you use custom fields in Procore, you are definitely going to want this little Bot in your squad too.

Meet your new work BFF - Nyfty Manpower Bot

Basically, Manpower Bot will automatically complete your Manpower logs, including your custom fields, in Procore. Boom.

It checks in Procore to see if daily Manpower Logs have been received from Foremen. If they haven't been sent, Nyfty Bot will reach out, via text message, and request the logs. Contacts can reply by text, like 95% of our users, or by clicking a link. If the Bot doesn't receive the log, it will keep requesting it until it does.

When Nyfty Manpower Bot receives a log it "reads" it and pulls out the data that's required. If there is information missing, Nyfty understands this and chases up the sender, to fill in any gaps in data, before the logs are saved in Procore for final approval.

Why has Manpower Bot got so many friends?

First up users love Manpower Bot because it's not an App, so there's nothing for your trade partners and team to download and no passwords to manage, everything is done via SMS.

Supers know how valuable compliant data is but they also know how painful it can be to round it up everyday. It's not unusual for them to spend up to an hour a day chasing Foreman for their reports, then spend time at their desk uploading those reports to Procore. Often, they can't wrap their day until they have reports from all foreman. Supers love the little Manpower Bot as it does the chasing and the uploading with persistence and efficiency, giving them time back to focus on other things.

And the custom fields?

Many Procore customers use custom fields in their Manpower logs and now these fields can be replicated in Manpower Bot, meaning there is no gap in the data that comes from the Bot into Procore.

The little Bot sends it's usual SMS message and users can reply via clicking a link or sending their log by text. Once the log has been received, Manpower Bots checks if there are any outstanding custom fields and it will send users a link to click on and populate these fields.

How do I get started?

Easy, peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and create your Manpower Bot, then open Advanced Settings and enable 'Show Custom Fields" and you're ready to go.

Sound good?

Well here’s more good, all of our Nyfty Bots are super easy to set up, use and maintain. Our users love them. They are the Little Robot Helpers that can make a huge difference to your day. You can see them in action here or log in and have a play here. You can use any of our Bots on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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