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Nyfty - Reshaping the Future of Construction Management, One Log at a Time

Tracking, reporting and compliance giving you the ick?

In the world of construction management, keeping track of onsite activities, reporting, and ensuring compliance can be a daunting task.

The traditional method of logging every company onsite separately in tools like Procore Daily Log or Autodesk Work Log often leads to cluttered and time-consuming processes. But fear not, because Nyfty is changing the game.

Please meet Attendance Bot's Sub-Con Roll-up Reporting

Nyfty introduces a groundbreaking approach to streamline onsite reporting. This enhancement in Attendance Bot offers a solution that organizes and summarizes reporting to just the top tiers of contractors. This means saying goodbye to the endless list of companies cluttering your daily logs and work logs.

Now, clever little Nyfty has the ability to automatically figure out the contractual reporting chain. When Foremen enroll in Nyfty, the platform intelligently identifies the reporting hierarchy, saving precious time and effort for construction managers.

Furthermore, Nyfty empowers users to specify which levels of the company should report and which should be seamlessly 'rolled up' into the contracting company they belong to. This customization feature ensures that reporting structures align perfectly with the project's requirements, enhancing efficiency and clarity.

But Nyfty doesn't stop there. It goes above and beyond by automatically granting access to Foremen responsible for reporting on their sub-contractors, simplifying the process of data collection and ensuring comprehensive reporting coverage.

Beautifully Simple Summaries

The beauty of Nyfty lies in its ability to summarize data directly in Procore or Autodesk, maintaining the integrity of your daily logs and work logs while providing a clean and simple overview of onsite activities. This streamlined approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances the accuracy and reliability of your reporting, ultimately contributing to smoother project management workflows.

The Reporting Revolution

Nyfty isn't just another construction management too, by revolutionizing onsite reporting, Nyfty empowers construction professionals to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional results.

Join the revolution today and experience firsthand the transformative power of Nyfty in simplifying your daily logs and work logs. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency with Nyfty.

Want to give Nyfty a go?

Easy peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and check out our Bots. They're free and really easy to get up and running. If you do need a hand though, just give us a shout.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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