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JHAs from Foreman to Procore - Nyfty Bot now handles your JHAs

Updated: Mar 15

There's a new Bot in town, the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Bot. We found users were hacking the Inspections Bot to get their JHAs completed so we created this JHA specific guy.

JHAs are super important and critical in helping keep people safe on site. One of the major issues with them is wrangling them - collecting them, analysing them and making sure they end up in the right place.

This little Nyfty Bot has your back and will handle your JHAs like a pro.

What does it do?

We know we aren't telling you anything you don't know when we tell you a construction site is a really busy place and, even with the best of intentions, the JHA process can go awry. Time is spent chasing Foremen for their JHAs, forms get left on desks, they don't get analysed and they can go missing. If they don't get stored in the right place, compliance rates look low and if there is ever an incident and a JHA needs review, locating it is critical and the hunt can be costly.

Essentially, JHA Bot is the little Robot Helper that collects JHAs from Foremen and assesses and processes what has been submitted

How does it work?

First up you create a JHA in the Procore Inspections Tool then the JHA Bot will go to work.

When a Foreman checks-in with Attendance Bot, JHA Bot will send them a link to complete their JHA and follow up until it's received. The Bot can analyse what has been submitted and alert the Super to any anomalies as well as track any critical issues. The minute the report is finished, it can be in the Super's hand, no need to wait until they get back to their desk or until the end of the day.

Unlock your data

Procore has developed a whole bunch of custom fields in their Inspection Tools and the JHA Bot, like all of our Bots, will help you get great data into those fields. Whereas a PDF effectively "locks up" your data, Nyfty doesn't do this, it asks the right questions, chases up answers, analyses them and puts them in the right place in Procore.

Our customers are seeing a massive increase in compliance since they have been using the Bots. One company could see, in their analytics, the day they started using Nyfty Bot as they went from low volume to 100% compliance.

No more chasing, no more paper submissions, forms left on desks or not stored in the right place, just great data to your Supers and Procore.

To see how Nichole Carter & Riley Robinson automated JHAs at Big-D checkout their guide here:

And see a quick demo of Commodore Builders' Safe Plan of Action (JHA) here:

Sound good?

Well here’s more good, like all of our Nyfty Bots, JHA Bot is super easy to set up, use and maintain. Our users love them. If you are struggling with your JHA process, give Nyfty a go. You can see it in action here or log in and have a play here. You can use our Bots on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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