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Embrace Construction Safety Week - Some fab new Nyfty safety features plus old faves

Updated: Mar 15

Empower Construction Workers with Strong Voices, Safe Choices & Smiles on Their Faces

We're kicking off Construction Safety Week with a bang (not literally, safety first!) and embracing its theme, "Strong Voices, Safe Choices." Here at Nyfty, we're excited to share some fantastic safety features we have in the pipeline, sprinkled with a touch of humor. These innovations, inspired by our customers, are designed to make your job site safer and more efficient while keeping spirits high!

Shared Hazards: It Takes Two (or More) to Tango!

Our upcoming Shared Hazards feature was born from a customer's eureka moment, and we're head over heels for the idea. In the PTP process, risks are identified, but sometimes communication falls short (like when you forget your anniversary). With Shared Hazards, Nyfty can either yank hazards from a PTP form or let folks directly add hazards, and then share them with all Foremen on the job site. Stay tuned for this feature, and give us a shout if you're eager to take it for a spin before general release.

SDS Safety Sheets: OSHA Compliance, Shaken Not Stirred

SDS Safety Sheets are on the horizon, thanks to another brilliant customer suggestion. Sharing chemical data is an OSHA requirement, and our new feature will make it a breeze with a QR code accessing documents straight from Procore. This cool addition will not only make your site safer but also turn SDS Sheet management into a walk in the park by hosting them in Procore Docs Tool. Want to be the first to try it out? You know where to find us!

Worker & Visitor Orientation: Like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book!

Our popular Worker and Visitor Orientation feature has had a few recent upgrades, like a shiny new Kiosk, hard hat decal number extraction, and emergency contact management (you can never be too prepared). We offer options for orientation initiation via QR code or a Kiosk, and you can choose between in-person or a Nyfty-managed process—it's like a choose-your-own-adventure book for safety!

Check out our demo by scanning this QR Code:

Orientation Bot Demo

Automated PTP & Toolbox Talks over SMS: Who Needs Carrier Pigeons?

Using SMS to kick off PTP and Toolbox Talk requests (and saving the documents in Procore) has been a smash hit among Nyfty users. It ensures that JHA/PTPs and Toolboxes are requested from the right contractors without the need for old-fashioned sign-in or attendance systems for all workers. It's like sending messages by carrier pigeon, but way more efficient (and without the mess)!

Broadcast Bot & Evacuation Management: Safety Superheroes in Disguise

Our trusty Broadcast Bot, one of our oldest and most reliable features, is like the superhero of construction site communication. Send an SMS to Nyfty, and Broadcast Bot will relay the message to the chosen group faster than a speeding bullet. Nyfty can also support evacuations by automating Roll Call at muster points—because who doesn't love a good roll call? Superintendents and Foremen can access a real-time roll call screen to mark their crews as safe, creating a Roll Call list to share with emergency responders.

Free Plan

Ready to laugh and learn more about Nyfty and these tried and tested / upcoming features? Book a session with us or check out our website at Together, let's empower construction workers with strong voices, safe choices, and a dash of humor during Construction Safety Week and beyond!

You can try Nyfty on a free plan, making it accessible to all construction companies, regardless of size or budget. With our deep integration with Procore and its use of text messages, Nyfty provides the ultimate tool for automating processes in the construction industry. Even with a free plan, users can still enjoy the benefits of this innovative tool, streamlining their operations and making site-life easier.

Our users love our Bots. They are the Little Robot Helpers that can make a huge difference to your day.

How do I get started?

Easy peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and check out our Bots. They're free and really easy to get up and running. If you do need a hand though, just give us a shout.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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