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Busy Bots for Procore Automation Recap

Updated: Mar 15

What has Nyfty been up to over the past few months?

Well let me tell you, the humans and Bots of Nyfty have been sooooo busy over the past few months, we thought it was time for a bit of a recap. We've created more awesome little Bots for Procore Automation and stuffed more and more functionality into existing Bots! Take a seat and we'll fill you in on all the Procore Automation Bot busy-ness.

Procore Automation Forms and Analytics Integration

We've addressed the issue of Procore Forms data being locked up in PDFs. With our new Additional Exports function in Nyfty Bots, you can now get Form Field Data directly to your Procore Analytics, making it easier than ever to analyze your data.

Scheduled Procore Form / Inspection Sending

You can now schedule to send Forms and Inspections at a specific time, rather than immediately when someone checks in. This feature is available in all Bots that send Forms or Inspections, except for the Orientation Bot as that doesn't seem to make sense!

Shared Hazards Feature

We've made sharing hazards on job sites incredibly easy. Nyfty can pull hazards from JHA/PTPs and share them with every Foreman on the job site, ensuring everyone is aware of potential risks. We've also simplified the workflow for job sites without a formal JHA process, allowing Foremen to add shared hazards for other trades to see.

Document Viewer Bot

We've created a new bot called Document Viewer Bot. It's designed to make sharing safety data, drawings, technical information and more, from Procore Docs, a breeze.

You have full control over the data you want to share, and Nyfty provides a simple QR Code with a direct weblink or an SMS for easy access.

Kiosk for Attendance

We introduced the Kiosk feature for our QR Trigger Bot and QR Attendance Bot. It allows workers and visitors without mobile phones, or those who prefer not to use their devices for work-related tasks, to complete safety orientations on site.

The Kiosk supports both English and Spanish and seamlessly integrates with the Orientation Bot for efficient worker enrolment and check-ins.

QR Trigger Bot (Scheduling)

A simplified version of our Attendance Bot, the QR Trigger Bot allows you to schedule Bots based on who is onsite by simply checking which Foremen are on site each day. Workers can scan also a QR Code or Kiosk to initiate processes like Safety Orientations without checking in daily. Procore Automation at its best.

"My Tasks" Feature

Field users can now easily keep track of their tasks with the "My Tasks" feature. Nyfty sends direct links to tasks, via text messages, and users can access all their current tasks in one place by clicking the Home Icon at the top of the screen.

Smart Access Controllers

Our Smart Access Controllers eliminate the need for managing badges or fobs. Nyfty issues Digital Passes to workers, granting them site access. These passes are sent as text messages and can be added to Apple or Google Wallets, for quick and convenient scanning.

Permit/Qualifications Tracking Bot

This cool little Bot automates the collection and tracking of permits, qualifications, and other documents from Trade Partners. It ensures that all necessary documents are collected, tracked, and stored in Procore, saving time and streamlining the process.

Alerts/Non-Conforming Fields in Procore Forms

We've added a central library where you can define non-conforming rules for PDFs and Procore Forms. The Nyfty Bots will alert specific team members when non-conforming data is entered, providing functionality similar to Inspection templates but with the familiarity of PDF Forms.

Want to give Nyfty a go?

Easy peasy. Head to the Nyfty Console and check out our Bots. They're free and really easy to get up and running. If you do need a hand though, just give us a shout.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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