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A bit about Procore Site Attendance & Orientation

***Feature Update - Hard Hat Decals in Orientation Bot - 1 September 2021***

“Request Hard Hat Decal” option is now built into the Orientation process. Once a worker has correctly completed their orientation, Nyfty can instruct them to collect a Hard Hat Decal from the Superintendent. The Super can then log the decal number in Nyfty or the worker can send it via SMS. The number is then added to the Procore Inspection so it can be found later in searches.

We love Attendance & Orientation Processes

(said no-one ever)

Word on the street is that attendance and orientation processes are chunky and clunky. You don’t want to do them, your staff don’t want to do them, but since the pandemic they have become even more important and more heavily regulated which probably means even more chunk and clunk!

So, once again I’ve stuck my nose into Bot Business to get a handle on how our friend Nyfty can help relieve the pain in your butt with a soothing Bot!

Bring us Little Robot Helpers stat!

I loitered around the water cooler until The Bot Father, Nyfty’s Co-Founder and CEO Matt Edwards, came bustling in for his cup of tea and I launched. “So Matt, can any of your Bots help with the scourge that is Attendance and Orientations?” He fished around in his Bot Box and pulled out The Attendance and Orientation Bots. Apparently, these little poppets make up Nyfty’s Site Attendance Automation and can seriously simplify your attendance and orientation processes plus update your Procore Daily Construction Report in real time, meaning you can see who is where, doing what, at any time. Plus, once Nyfty know's who is on site, or has been onsite, there's a whole lot of Automations it can do.

Your bots sound cool, can you show me how they work?

Matt loves nothing better than showing off his Bots so he gave me a demo. When workers arrive on site for the first time, they just scan a QR code and Nyfty Attendance Bot kicks off a simple text conversation asking for the info it needs and then remembers it for future check-ins. There’s no app to download, no creating of accounts and remembering passwords, no paper and no GPS tracking just a simple response to a text message. Nyfty is super cute but persistent so he rarely gets ghosted.

Once Nyfty’s Attendance Bot has done it’s bit, it can then trigger Orientation Bot to initiate your, you guessed it, orientation. Your Superintendent can either do their usual live presentation followed by a quiz via the Bot or the Bot can kick off your orientation video via text. Nyfty will monitor how long the video is viewed, pick up any naughty fast forwarding and then initiate a quiz, only when the video has been fully viewed. The Superintendent will get a text advising of any failed test results and the quizzes are saved as an Inspection report in Procore, and a summary added to Procore’s Daily Log.

An Orientation Quiz? Sounds Fun.

Well, it might not be that much fun but they are super valuable in terms of the data they provide and they're super easy for workers to respond to. By using the custom fields in Procore’s inspection tool the Quiz can be easily adapted to your process. You can inform workers about the local conditions on a site, test them on video content, right through to capturing their agreement to your processes and recording any personal information you need, like an emergency contact. I guess it's not not fun?

Are you ready for the Bots?

Sound good? Well here’s more good, Attendance and Orientation, like all of our Nyfty Bots are super easy to set up, use and maintain and our users love them. If you don’t have an easy, silky smooth check in process or want to make your existing process easier, try ours. You can see it in action here or log in and have a play here. Our trials are completely free and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder, feel free to make a time in his calendar here.


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