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Success Story
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Descor Builders automate with Manpower Bot

Descor Builders are General Contractors based in Rancho Cordova, CA providing a full range of services throughout Northern California.

They live by their Mission and Goals, one of which is to develop people through empowerment, improvement and entrepreneurial opportunity. This is precisely how they found, when a Project team, looking to reduce time spent on daily reporting, was empowered to try the Manpower Bot.

Jason Stidham, Project Superintendent for Descor, said one of his team members brought it to his attention, and he liked the idea of automating Manpower Logs without extra mobile apps, passwords or hardware.

Jason started a free trial and was quickly convinced of the benefits, saying:


"We're saving around an hour a day not having to chase Foremen or input the data manually"

As soon as the free trial was over they set up automatic payment, not wanting to go back to the old method.

Asked if there had been any negative impacts, Jason said "No, the Subs have responded fantastically, some can't believe it's not a human at the other end of the text message. One foreman told me about a time he was driving to the airport and got an SMS from Nyfty asking for Manpower, he thought it was a human so replied saying he was busy driving.  Nyfty understood and told him, "no problem, you still have 30 minutes to respond!"

Descor was so impressed with the results they approved for all projects company wide. 

Nyfty does the Manpower Log for you

Procorer Manpower Log completed by Nyfty, Inc is an official Procore Partner

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