Robot Helpers for Procore

QR code + Text Bots Bots now accessible 

Automate Manual Workflows using Nyfty.ai's automation Bots

 Nyfty Automation Bots for Procore projects gloablly. Nyfty Bots automate Site Attendance, Health Surveys, Manpower and Inspections approved for use on Turner Construction Projects.

Site Registration

QR Code & SMS based Attendance Register and Contact Management A.I. Assistant

COVID Prescreening

Text Message & Web based COVID Health screening A.I. Assistant. Instant analysis & escalation to a human

Instant Site Communication

SMS / Text Message based instant broadcast A.I. Assistant. Intelligent contact management

Procore Automation

Automated A.I. for Manpower, Inclusion & Diversity, Construction Report, Inspections, Hazards, Reminders and Directory.