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Toolbox Talks collected over SMS

Nyfty’s Toolbox Talk Bot ensures Toolbox Talks are completed and saved to Procore

I want to...

Automatically collect Toolbox Talk Records from Foremen using SMS

Then save the records to Procore Docs, Forms or Inspections Tool

Nyfty Bots you need:
Attendance Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud
Toolbox Talk Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud
QR Trigger Bot
Toolbox Talk Bot for Procore
Attendance Bot for Procore

Free account with no time limit

Nyfty’s Toolbox Talk Bot automatically ensures Toolbox Talks get done each week (or Month) and logs the Attendees, storing the records in Procore's Forms, Docs or Inspections Tool. If linked to Attendance Bot it can even monitor to ensure every worker is given a toolbox talk.

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