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Site Register from QR Code

Nyfty’s Attendance Bot or Attendance Bot (Multi-Site) logs each person on site, creates a note in Procore's Daily Log as well as automating Daily Construction Reports or Manpower Logs

I want to...

Register every worker or visitor on my job site

Then create a List in the Daily Log & write Manpower Logs

Nyfty Bots you need:
QR Code for Attendance Bot and triggering Bots in Autodesk Construction Cloud
QR Code for Attendance and Triggering Bots in Procore

Free account with no time limit

Nyfty’s Attendance Bot or Attendance Bot (Multi-Site) will automatically log each worker, foreman or visitor that enters your job site or office, either by QR code or text message from Nyfty. It will create a Note in Procore’s Daily Log, listing each person plus it can be used to automate Procore’s Daily Construction Report.

Don't see what you need? Talk to us about Custom Bot and Custom Feature development.
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