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Safety Orientations from a QR Code

Nyfty’s Orientation Bot can automatically conduct Orientations, manage hard-hat decals and save records to Procore's Forms, Docs or Inspections Tool.

I want to...

Have Orientations available on a QR code and/or a Kiosk

Then have them logged in Procore's Forms, Docs or Inspections Tool

Nyfty Bots you need:
QR Code for Attendance Bot and triggering Bots in Autodesk Construction Cloud
Orientation Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud
QR Code for Enrolment and Triggering Bots
Orientation Bot for Procore
QR Code for Attendance and Triggering Bots in Procore

Free account with no time limit

Nyfty’s Orientation Bot automatically conducts video or presentation Orientations for anybody entering your job site, and even helps manage collection and recording of hard-hat decals along with saving a record of the Orientation in Procore’s Forms, Docs or Inspections Tool. Alternatively, you can conduct in person Orientations and then have Nyfty log their records after they scan a QR Code or use a Nyfty Kiosk (a web page you load on to any tablet device).

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