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Pre Task Plans sent automatically over SMS

Nyfty’s JHA-PTP Bot ensures PTPs are completed and saved to Procore

I want to...

Collect JHAs or PTPs from Foremen over text message

Then save them to Procore's Forms, Inspection or Docs tools

Nyfty Bots you need:
JHA-PTP Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud
QR Code for Enrolment and Triggering Bots
JHA-PTP Bot for Procore

Free account with no time limit

Nyfty’s JHA-PTP Bot can ensure Foremen / Crew Leads complete their daily JHA each day they are on site. Based on either a Procore Inspection or Procore Forms Template, or a simple PDF, Nyfty will get the JHA completed by sending a text message with a link to complete it then save the result in Procore’s Inspections, Forms or Docs tools.

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