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Inspections in Procore

Nyfty’s Inspections Bot or QR Inspection Bot automates any inspection in Procore - requesting, completing, analyzing and then saving

I want to...

Get Procore Inspections completed on time

Then save them to Procore's Inspections Tool

Nyfty Bots you need:
QR Code for Attendance Bot and triggering Bots in Autodesk Construction Cloud
Forms-Inspections Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud
QR Code for Autodesk Forms and Inspections
QR Code for Enrolment and Triggering Bots
QR Code for Procore Forms and Inspections
Forms-Inspections Bot for Procore
QR Code for Attendance and Triggering Bots in Procore

Free account with no time limit

Nyfty’s Inspections Bot or QR Inspection Bot can automate any inspection in Procore. Whether needed weekly / monthly, each time onsite or ad-hoc (QR code), Nyfty Bots text people to complete Inspections, analyzes them for non-conformances, then saves them in Procore.

Don't see what you need? Talk to us about Custom Bot and Custom Feature development.
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