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Prescreening Bots make Construction safe

Prescreening Bot conducts COVID-19 Wellness Checks for your employees and subcontractors. It conducts the surveys via SMS, analyses the responses and escalates any issues to you. It can be used on a Daily Schedule or triggered by Attendance Bot.

Attendance Bot records who attends your JOB SITE. Employees and subcontractors can check-in by SMS or QR Code. It has 2 modes, 'Manual' for irregular visitors (Scan QR Code each day) or Automatic for repeating attendance (Reply to message asking if coming to site). It can trigger Prescreening Bot when anybody checks in.

COVID-19 Text Message Trace & Prescreening for Construction

Prescreening Bot for Construction

Nyfty Bot Prescreening (Non Procore).png

Attendance Bot for Construction

Nyfty Bot Attendance (Non Procore).png
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