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Software Bots make you awesome

Nyfty Bots for COVID-19 Trace & Prescreening:

Attendance Bot for Any Workplace

Nyfty Bot Attendance (Non Procore).png

Attendance Bot for Procore 

Nyfty Bot Attendance Automation.png

Prescreening Bot for Any Workplace

Nyfty Bot Prescreening (Non Procore).png

Health Survey Bot for Procore

Nyfty Bot Health Survey Automation.png

Nyfty Bots for Daily Reports & Inspections:

Manpower Bot for Procore 

Nyfty Manpower Automation V3.png

Reminders Bot for Procore Forms

Nyfty Bot Reminders Automation.png

Notes/Photos Bot for Procore

Nyfty Notes Automation V3.png

Daily Inspections Bot for Procore 

Nyfty Bot Daily Inspections Automation.p

Reminders Bot for Procore Inspections

Nyfty Bot Reminders Automation.png

Broadcast Bot for Procore

Nyfty Bot Broadcast Bot V3.png
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