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QR Trigger Bot

A simple A.I. to automatically trigger other Bots without needing to check every worker into your job site.

Do you really need to check every worker into your job site just to automate processes?

Let Nyfty do that for you

Free Account with no time limit

Now you can schedule Manpower Log collection, document Orientations, automate Toolbox Talks and JHA / Pre Task Plans, or any other Form or Inspection in Procoreor Autodesk with just a QR Code and smart little A.I.

Hassle free automation of any safety or operations process in Procore or Autodesk.

Hassle Free Automation

Automate processes without needing to manage site attendance / check-ins / turnstiles etc.

Deeply Integrated to Procore and Autodesk

Fully integrated to Procore Nyfty writes PDFs, Forms and Inspections wherever you need them in Autodesk.

Triggers other Bots

Trigger Manpower Collection, Orientations and any operations or safety processes.

For Workers & Foremen

As simple as scanning a QR Code to send an SMS or using a kiosk if preferred. It doesn't get easy than receiving a text message that you can reply to or simply click the link to complete what ever process you're responsible. We can't get rid of paperwork, but can make it as simple as a text message.


For GC’s Superintendents

Nyfty does the work so you can get on with your job.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have somebody take care of collecting Manpower Logs, chasing up Safety forms and inspections and documenting Orientations for you? Now it's possible to do this without also having to manage site attendance by using QR Attendance Bot.

For Safety Managers

Now you can automate Forms, Inspections or any PDF for safety processes such as Orientations, Toollbox Talks and Pre-Task Plans (JHAs). Nyfty sources the template from Procore, gets them completed by workers or Foremen, and then saves them back into Procore.


Hassle free automation of any safety or operations process in Procore or Autodesk.


Free Account with no time limit

QR Trigger Bot

Don't see what you need? Talk to us about Custom Bot and Custom Feature development.
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