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Orientation Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud

An A.I. that manages Safety Orientations for everybody on your job site

Got yet another Orientation to give instead of that stack of work piling up on your job just because some wise-guy didn’t show up for the 7am session?

Let Nyfty do that for you

Free Account with no time limit

Now, you just hand out the Hard Hat Decals and let the A.I. ensure everybody completes a Safety Orientation before coming to you. Nyfty will record the Orientation and decal number in Autodesk too.

Orientations done and logged in Autodesk, every time.

Automated with a personal touch

Nyfty takes care of the Orientation but then sends workers to you to get their Hard Hat decal so you can personalise the process.

Integrated to Autodesk

Fully integrated to Autodesk, the Bot writes the Orientation records in Autodesk and adds a note to the Live Update Screen.

Spanish & English

Not only does the A.I. speak in English and Spanish, it’ll even select the right language video or document for each person.

For Visitors, Workers & Foremen

Just click a link in a text message.
For any worker or visitor entering your jobsite for the first time, they simply click a link that Nyfty sends them and complete their Orientation. They will have either just scanned into Attendance Bot or scanned a separate QR Code following an in-person Orientation. Foremen can even manage the process for any crew members without phones.


For GC’s Superintendents

Nyfty does the work so you can get on with your job.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have the A.I. checking every worker has done an Orientation or even giving them the Orientation and logging the record on Autodesk for you? For that personal touch, Nyfty will send every worker to collect their Hard Hat Decal from you so you can still have a chat and reinforce your personal commitment to safety.

For Safety Managers

Everybody gets an Orientation. Every record is diligently saved in Autodesk.
You can be assured that every worker gets an Orientation and that every record is instantly stored in Autodesk. Furthermore, you can get instant notification of any non-conforming submissions, so you can help that worker fully understand their safety responsibilities.


Orientations done and logged in Autodesk, every time.


Free Account with no time limit

Orientation Bot for Autodesk Construction Cloud

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