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Manpower Bot for Procore Daily Construction Report

An A.I. that chases people for Procore Daily Construction Report over text message (SMS)

Still getting held up at the end of each day chasing Foremen to submit their Daily Construction Report so you can close out your Daily Log? Wouldn’t you prefer to head home to the kids?

Let Nyfty get them done

Free Account with no time limit

Now you can have a very determined A.I. automatically SMS your Sub’s Foremen to collect Manpower Logs and write them to Procore’s Daily Construction Report at the same time everyday, ready for your approval. No need for apps or passwords, just intelligent text messages.

Accurate Daily Construction Report in Procore, on time, every day.

Integrated to Procore

Fully integrated to Procore, the Bot writes the Manpower Logs in Procore’s Daily Construction Report ready for your approval.

Intelligent & Bilingual

Super Artificial Intelligence understands replies in English or Spanish, even translating Spanish to English

Gets you home on time

Manpower Bot replaces the workarounds you resort to today, like texting Foreman to get the logs so you can go home!

For Trade Partner’s Foremen

As simple as replying to a text message.
As a Foreman reporting Manpower (Workforce) Logs to the General Contractor, it couldn’t be more simple. Just reply to an SMS message in plain English or Spanish for that matter. It’s so simple, even the busiest Foreman couldn’t object and Nyfty won’t let them forget! There’s no user accounts, no passwords and no apps. Just reply to a text message. Nyfty takes care of the rest.


For GC’s Superintendents

Nyfty's not just time saving, it actually does the work for you.
Wouldn’t it be nice to get home to the kids on time? Let Nyfty chase down those Manpower Logs and write them in Procore’s Daily Log at the same time every day. Open up Procore and boom, there they are waiting for you. You just have to approve them. It’s that simple. Nyfty even works out which Foremen are onsite, either by linking to Attendance Bot or by talking directly with each Foreman to see when they’re there.

For Spanish speakers

Finally, you’re speaking my language (Por fin, hablas mi idioma).
Nyfty not only interacts naturally in Spanish, it also translates Spanish to English. So a Foreman can interact with Nyfty in Spanish, saying something like “Tuvimos 6 personas durante 8 horas pintando en el primer piso”. Nyfty adds the original Spanish alongside the English translation to the Manpower Log Note - : “We had 6 people for 8 hours painting on the first floor.”


Accurate Daily Construction Report in Procore, on time, every day.


Free Account with no time limit

Manpower Bot for Procore Daily Construction Report

Don't see what you need? Talk to us about Custom Bot and Custom Feature development.
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