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Diversity Data in Procore

Integrated to Daily Construction Report

Inclusion & Diversity data using Procore's Daily Construction Report can now be automated using Attendance Bots. QR Code & SMS based Site Register integrated to Procore's Daily Construction Report.

Nyfty's Attendance Bot integrates with Procore's Daily Logs and Daily Construction Report. Capture Worker Count and Hours, aggregated into Trade and Worker Tpye (Foreman, Journeyman, Apprentice & Other). You can also track diversity metrics including Veteran, Gender, Ethnic Minority and Local Residents. Attendance Bot can also be used to trigger COVID Prescreening, Inspections and Reminders.

Inclusion and Diversity for Procore
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We don't have a sales team so you will not be inundated with high pressure sales calls, or any sales calls for that matter. Our growth comes from word of mouth and a great product.

Site Registration

QR Code & SMS based Attendance Register and Contact Management A.I. Assistant

COVID Prescreening

Text Message & Web based COVID Health screening A.I. Assistant. Instant analysis & escalation to a human

Instant Site Communication

SMS / Text Message based instant broadcast A.I. Assistant. Intelligent contact management