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"It's like Alexa for Procore"

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Massive week for This morning we released the free version of our Digital Assistant to the App Store and Google Play, at the same time we were introducing it to visitor's at Procore's Groundbreak 2018 event in Austin Texas.

As Procore is our first partner, with many more in the works, launching at their annual conference, with 3,000 attendees, made a lot of sense even if Austin Texas was way colder than expected!

We dubbed the launch "super secret, quiet as possible, don’t tell anybody, ssshh its a secret" as essentially we were too busy building the app to do any marketing :-0

So it was with some bemusement that the first visitors responded to "have you heard of NYFTY.AI?" But once we explained what we're doing there was an almost guaranteed response: "Oh wow, its like Alexa for Procore" and then when they actually saw it in action "Wow, that's really Nifty"- Yes, yes it is!

Proud creators of - David Ewen & Matt Edwards

So like proud parents, David and I got to share our baby with the attendees at Groundbreak, and ask them how it could help on their projects. Most comments fell in to two main categories:

  1. Improving Adoption in the field - with comments such as "If my field team could just talk to an app, and it does their admin, that would be awesome" and "My Dad works at our company, he uses Alexa at home but he can't use his mobile apps, this would be incredible for him, and the rest of the team".

  2. Getting more stuff done - with comments like "We waste so much time doing admin instead of getting the job done, this would be amazing"and "Are you serious? We could just tell it what we did and this thing will take care of it?

"It's free, what's the catch? - Every conversation included that question, there's got to be a catch right? Well no, we made the 'Answers' plan completely free because uses machine learning to make itself smarter, so the more interactions it has with real life humans, the smarter its gets. We're developing Premium Plan features, and that's how we'll make a buck or two. We can guarantee that we'll never sell your project data, and as a Procore Partner we've matched their privacy policy to eliminate any question of your data being in safe hands. is available in the App Store / Play Store right now. Our 'Answers' plan is completely free, and for those who sign up to our 'Early Access Program' we'll also make our Premium plans free whilst we're building them.

You can join our early access program here:

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