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A chat with ICWSAT's Nichole Carter - Certified Procore Consultant, Tech Ninja & massive Nyfty fan.

Updated: Mar 15

Don't waste Superintendent's time pushing paper

Here at Nyfty we create Bots that really do what we say they do. Nyfty isn't just another app that promises stuff it doesn't really do or faffs about making itself look busy and important, our Bots actually do tasks reducing the admin burden of Supers and increasing compliance.

We recently had a chat with Nichole Carter, before her AGC IT Conference presentation, and it was awesome to hear that our little Bots really are kicking ass and being the invaluable little on-site automation assets they were meant to be.

Nichole is a super-experienced Con-Tech advocate, Certified Procore Consultant and owner of ICWSAT. She has implemented Nyfty at a number of companies and keeps doing so because she can always see the benefits in the Bots and loves how they enhance the experience of Procore users.

Nichole Carter 01 - I didn't put valued Supers onsite to push paper

Asked why she uses Nyfty with her clients, Nichole sums it up right here.

Nichole Carter 02 - Not another expensive app, it's damn cheap and works!

Surely, clients don't want another expensive bolt-on from the marketplace? Nichole explains how she views that hot-button topic. Here's a clue, its damn cheap, its not an app, and it actually works!

Nichole Carter 03 - Making it easier for the field folk

Nichole first discovered Nyfty in 2019. She knew straight away that she wanted to use it and, after jumping on a call with Matt - Nyfty's Co-Founder, she discovered their shared goal of focussing on the end user to "Mutually make things easier for the field folk”.

Nichole Carter 04 - Top Secrets revealed and how brutal feedback lead to killing the app

Matt and Nichole embark on the "Great Plains Tour" where early Nyfty cops some firm but fair feedback that helps shape the Bots into the on-site power-houses they are today. Oh and a sneak peek at what's coming.

Nyfty, Big-D and COVID Compliance

Shortly after the "Great Plains Tour", Nichole joined Big-D and helped them deploy their first Manpower Bot. Then COVID hit and, with Riley Robinson - HSE Coordinator, Big-D really committed to seeing what Nyfty's automations could do. Like so many of our customers, they loved what they saw, wanted more and entered a partnership with Nyfty, deploying the majority of their bots.

Nichole and Riley recently presented at the AGC IT 21 conference. We have taken the liberty of pinching a few of their slides to highlight the awesome things they have achieved with a bit of help from our Bots!

At the start of the COVID pandemic, Nichole and Riley had to act super fast to make Big-D sites safe. They came at COVID safety in two ways: making sure that everyone that attended site completed a health survey via Nyfty and by deploying an Inspections template in Procore to help ensure teams had the necessary materials they needed to stay safe.

Nyfty was deployed overnight on over 25 projects in 12 states. OSHA said it was the most well reported COVID tracking they had seen. But most importantly, as Nichole said, for 2.3c per text message, it could save a life.

Nyfty Wellness Check Deployment

Nyfty smashes Big-D wellness checks

Nichole Carter 05 - COVID Bots saving $$$ and avoiding shutdowns

Like so many of our customers, Big-D saw how easy it was to deploy Nyfty's Health Survey Bot. It's easy for field staff to engage with, provides direction dependent on response, limits face to face contact and constantly reminds people to be vigilant regarding COVID cleanliness. But one of the major, measurable benefits of using the Bot was that it actually chased the Health Checks whereas this would ordinarily have to be done by Supers and admin staff.

Nichole Carter 06 - Beyond COVID, Big-D hack the JHA, Manpower Logs and Safety Forms

After Nichole and Riley saw that users were loving Nyfty and it had been"tested to the extreme" during the pandemic, they asked the question that we hear from so many of our customers: "We love what we've seen, what else can it do?" We showed them and Big-D fully embraced the automations, established a partnership with Nyfty and deployed almost the whole suite of bots.

Just some of the benefits they have experienced include;

  • Maintaining an accurate job site directory

  • Easily gathering and processing compliant Manpower data

  • Saving valuable man-hours

  • Obtaining incredible insights from anonymous reporting functionality allowing proactive improvements to safety and compliance

Nichole Carter 07 - Trade Partners setting up JHAs in Procore then Automating them with Nyfty

Nichole talks about why Nyfty has been so well received by so many different partners. It's all down to ease of use and consistency, resulting in benefits.

Nichole Carter 08 - How to engage the 'ConTech Hobo' to help stop wasting money on under-utilised software - "Starting a business sucks"

If you need a hand with your Procore Implementation or setting up your Nyfty Bots, give Nichole's company ICWSAT a shout. Nichole is a Certified Procore consultant with a huge amount of experience and will make sure your set-up is super-charged.

You can check out ICWSAT here in the Procore Marketplace.

Wanna try the Bots?

You can learn more here or log in and have a play here. All of our Bots are super easy to set up, you can use them on a completely free plan, and we promise we won’t hammer you with sales calls.

If you do have any questions, schedule a chat with Matt, Nyfty’s Co-Founder. Feel free to make a time in his calendar here.



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