Hazard & Injury Bot 

For Procore

Encourage workers to report Hazards anonymously (unsafe act, condition or near miss), and report Injuries (not anonymously). Nyfty captures the report via QR Code / SMS, creates an Incident in Procore, notifies you, and allows you to follow up with the reporter for up-to 72 Hours.




The Trigger kicks Nyfty into action, and Hazard & Injury Bot is based on a manual trigger: People must scan the QR Code or Text the number to report. Hazards are reported anonymously, whereas Injuries require the name of the injured part. 



Nyfty will alert the Safety Team of every report, and will allow follow up questions to be sent for upto 72 HOURS. Simply reply to the alert message and it will be relayed to the anonymous reporter.



Nyfty will create an Incident in Procore Incident Tool, and record the follow up conversation in the Incident Record. It will also log a Note in Procore's Daily log, and you can monitor the Bot with the Live Updates screen.

Hazard Bot Signage Template 12 x 18 DEMO
Hazard report
Hazard Bot - Report Chat.png
2 Way anonymous follow up
Hazard Bot - Follow up.png
Incident created in Procore
Hazard Bot - Incident in Procore.png


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