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QR-Forms-Inspections Bot for Autodesk

Scan a QR Code for instant access to Forms in Autodesk, using SMS and secure links.

Do you really have time to set up Autodesk accounts just so workers can access Hot Works Permits on your construction site?

Give instant access with Nyfty

Free Account with no time limit

What if workers could scan a QR Code and get instant access to selected Forms and Inspections in Autodesk, without needing to be a project member?

Instant, hassle-free access to Autodesk Forms.

Instantly access Forms and Inspections.

Give instant access to Autodesk Forms and Inspections on your job-site, with pre-filled user data.

Deeply Integrated to Autodesk.

Fully integrated to Autodesk Forms. The Bot writes the records in Autodesk and adds a note to Live Update Screen.

No Apps. No Passwords.

No need to be a Project Member. No apps or passwords. Just intelligent text messages and secure links.

For Workers & Foremen

Just scan or text to access Forms and Inspections.
It couldn’t be easier. Scan a QR code or send a text to Nyfty, who will give you access to a selection of Forms and Inspections in Autodesk, pre-filled with data, and without needing to be a project Member. No apps, no passwords and no setup time.


For GC’s Superintendents

No setting up accounts, no paper forms.
Wouldn’t it be nice to point to the wall and say “Just scan the QR Code” every time somebody needs a Form or Inspection? No account setup, no paper forms. Nyfty’s QR Bot supports Autodesk Forms, which can be scanned at any time, or triggered by simply sending a text message.

For Safety Managers

Instant Non-Conformance notifications.
Get notified instantly when somebody submits a non-conforming Inspection. Nyfty evaluates the Inspection, looking for non-conformances, and sends you a text message with a copy of the inspection. You can also have Nyfty send a custom message to the submitter. Nyfty’s got your back.


Instant, hassle-free access to Autodesk Forms.


Free Account with no time limit

QR-Forms-Inspections Bot for Autodesk

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